5 tips for making connections on Medium

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Pull out your highlighter pen

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But it doesn’t just benefit the other person. It also becomes part of your own profile. Others can see what you’ve highlighted by typing /highlights after your Medium URL like this.

Treat responses like a conversation

Pitch a publication

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Being included recently in the Personal Growth publication, for instance, doesn’t look all that impressive with number of reads, which just shy of 300. But the 32 recommends and number of highlights were much greater than any stand-alone Medium article.

Pitching publications reminds me of the early days of guest blogging on someone else’s website. It benefits everyone. The publication gets the content, and you get in front of their audience.

I pitch a publication first by searching for keywords relevant to my writing and finding a good fit. Look through the different publications and see which ones are active and fit your topic and tone.

Sometimes you can find the curator of the collection in the “about” section, and other times you have to click on “more info” to find the editor. Then it’s just a matter of sending a tweet to the publication editor and asking if they’d like to include your work.

If they’re receptive, they’ll add you as a writer, and then you have to submit the work to be accepted into publication.

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