The hardest part of the workout is getting started

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The hardest part is just getting out the door. Photo by Tegan Mierle

The energy your expend during your workout is nothing compared to the energy it can take to convince yourself to begin.

Here are some psychological tricks I’ve found work magic for me when I have no motivation to get going.

1. Put your workout clothes on

But don’t tell yourself you’re going to work out yet. Just walk around the house. See what happens.

2. Do a shorter-than-usual workout

Once you get started you might want to keep going. And if not, something is better than nothing. The goal isn’t to exhaust yourself — it’s to get muscles moving, blood flowing and endorphins going.

3. Do a slower-than-usual workout

Once you get started you might feel like you can kick it up a notch. …

It takes a village to scavenge cast-offs from your neighbors

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Photos by the author

Like many places, in my neighborhood people put old household stuff at the curb when they don’t want it anymore. Then people walking past pick it up, free for the taking if they have a need.

All summer there has been even more of this due to the covid effect. People spend more time at home, and they have more opportunity to clean out their basement, garage or attic.

I’m working from home and walking the dogs more, so every day I witness curbs filled with old furniture, yard tools, or all kinds of cast-offs. …

Making connections in Wisconsin's icy Lake Michigan

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Photo by Peter DiAntoni

“The unlike is joined together, and from differences results the most beautiful harmony.” — Heraclitus

The sky is gray and Lake Michigan looks angry on an icy March morning. The surf is up in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Thanks to the Dairyland Surf Classic, Sheboygan’s surf scene has appeared in national media like the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, and even on film. The 2007 animated movie Surf’s Up includes a character named Chicken Joe, who hails from Sheboygan.

“A lot of people thought I was crazy,” Chicken Joe says about surfing in Lake Michigan. “But I’m used to it.”

The inspiration for Chicken Joe is almost certainly Larry “Longboard” Williams, godfather of Wisconsin’s surf scene. …



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