Grateful for every step after recovery

On the comeback trail

At first it was just a tickle in my throat. It was a minor annoyance, like clearing my throat wasn’t possible. That turned into a persistent cough that I couldn’t shake for a few days. Other than that, I felt fine.

I went out for a 12-mile run despite the cough. Wisconsin had unseasonably warm and record-breaking 70-degree days in early November, and I didn’t want to waste them by sitting indoors. I ran in the low 7-minute miles.

The next day, I ran 12 miles again. Ran 7-minute miles again. Felt great.

Meanwhile, my wife started to feel sick…

Rick Rolling for good


Like any good Twitter meme, I stole it.

I saw my friend Rochelle tweet this link during the height of the Kanye in the White House mania. Because she doesn’t normally tweet celebrity gossip, I was curious — so I clicked.

Pssst the link takes you to register to vote at

You got me! Rick Rolled for a purpose. Commentary on our celebrity-obsessed culture. Clickbait for good.

A good meme is adaptable, and getting out the vote for the next generation is something that’s certainly important to me. …

It’s not by confirming what you already know

Photo by Deryn Macey on Unsplash

Wendy’s is testing a new plant-based bean burger. They’re rolling it out in three cities that may not be the first to come to mind when you think of vegetarian options: Jacksonville, Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio.

“Wrong cities to test!” responded one internet commentator. “I think those cities especially Jacksonville are going to be a tough sell. It has to be cities that do well with vegan options like LA, San Francisco, Seattle, NY, Austin. ”

So did Wendy’s blow it by choosing a tough sell for a bean burger?

Right now I’m reading Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath

He left his agency job of two decades to pursue a dream of being a full-time freelance photographer

“The thought of being 45 or 50 and not having at least tried, was pretty eye-opening.”

In 2021 I’m featuring people on a Creative Journey. This is №8 in the series, featuring CJ Foeckler, photographer.

What is your creative venture?

I quit my agency job of almost 19 years to pursue my dream of being a full-time freelance photographer. I was an art director at a marketing company where my role flexed between design work and photography. I have been shooting for about 15 years, so it definitely wasn’t a huge step into the unknown for me. I’m shooting mostly commercial portraits and product photography with my new business. I’ve always enjoyed shooting moody portraits, and pushed that style into my…

His Facebook group for dads went viral — and powered a non-profit to connect fathers

In 2021 I’m featuring people on a Creative Journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is №7 in the series, featuring Brian Anderson, co-founder of Fathering Together and the Dads with Daughters Facebook group.

What is your creative venture?

My current creative venture is called Fathering Together, a 501c3 non-profit building virtual communities of support for dads around the globe.

Why did you start when you did?

I co-founded this organization with a fellow dad, Chris Lewis. He had started a Facebook community called Dads with Daughters and as that community grew, we saw so many dads asking basic questions about fatherhood, parenting, and human development but also reaching out with cries for…

It’s not too early to learn the lessons of COVID

This is the first book I could finish since COVID. It’s not the first book I thought I wanted to read, especially after our family got COVID. It’s a painful topic I’d rather quickly forget and move on from, like the rest of us.

But veteran science writer Debora Mackenzie’s book isn’t about the illness as much as it addresses the systems that allow outbreaks to flourish unchecked.

I found it fascinating and ultimately empowering to understand the “why” behind pandemics — especially since we’re likely to have another one soon unless we address the underlying factors.

According to the…

Combining his engineering background with podcasting — and beer

“Manufacturing Happy Hour is kind of the convergence of everything I’ve been doing since I was in college.”

In 2021 I’m featuring people on a Creative Journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is №6 in the series, featuring Chris Luecke, founder of Manufacturing Happy Hour.

What is your creative venture?

I’ll start by saying this: If you stick with a creative venture long enough and that venture addresses a gap in the market, your creative venture can eventually turn into a business. That’s what happened with Manufacturing Happy Hour, the interview podcast where we take on the biggest trends and technologies impacting modern manufacturers in a current, cool, and approachable fashion.

Why did you start when you did?

I originally started Manufacturing Happy Hour as a short-form YouTube series while…

Remembering when everything changed overnight

Photo by Maxim Ilyahov on Unsplash

Inspired by Will Leitch’s How Long Is a Year, Anyway?

Emails from one year ago are a time capsule, like the March 2020 calendar that still hangs in my office. Here are 10 quotes from emails I sent a year ago, when we hoped this would be over by the end of March… or April.. or maybe summer or fall?

March 1: Your inbox is already filled with updates from everywhere about coronavirus protocol (tl;dr wash your hands for >20 seconds + don’t touch your face).

If only it was that easy!

March 6: First U.S. College to Close Classrooms…

How to maximize running outside in cold climates

Photo by Tuula Pekkala on Unsplash

It seems like winter is one long stretch punctuated by sudden fronts that bring snow, sleet and cold.

Winter running can bring dangers from hidden ice patches to decreased visibility to cars in the dark early evening hours. But running in winter is also necessary if you plan on competing in spring races. It just requires extra planning ahead and being flexible in your training days.

Here are some ways to maximize running outside in cold climates as we make our way mile by mile toward spring.

Supplement your shoes

One of the biggest dangers to runners is ice. If you’re an outdoor…

The founder left Google and created a new Point of Sale system for craft breweries and restaurants

Based in Boulder, CO, is a team of geeks who love beer.

In 2021 I’m featuring people on a Creative Journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is №5 in the series, featuring David Norman, founder of a mobile Point of Sale system for craft breweries and restaurants.

What is your creative venture?

Arryved is a point of service system designed for craft breweries, restaurants, and any establishment that wants to provide quality service with optimal flexibility. Myself and a former Google colleague, Tom Wrensch, founded Arryved in 2015.

Arryved was born out of the notion that tech does not need to replace service and hospitality, but rather provide tools to augment it — tools that are available…

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