Agreed. We want the same things.

There’s a lot of great writing on Medium, even if the same types of articles keep rising to the top. Until people stop recommending the same topics or Medium changes the way it calculates top stories, here are three ways (in convenient listicle format) that you can discover some of that quality under-the-radar writing:

1. Follow and submit your work to niche publications

Look for what you’re interested in. My favorites are The Synapse, Bright and The Lighthouse. When I’m fortunate enough to get work accepted there, my views increase modestly but the reads, highlights and quality responses increase dramatically. It makes Medium more personal rather than just a race for clicks.

2. Follow relevant tags

You can follow topics through tags much like you can follow a publication. You can customize the topics that show up on your home page and even the email digests. If you notice, they’re even above top stories on Medium’s home page, so Medium Staff is making this discoverability tool a priority.

3. Write the Medium post you want to read

I stole that idea from Austin Kleon’s “Steal Like an Artist.” Medium is still young and it’s figuring out its identity. You can help shape what it will become by sharing not just want you DON’T want it to become, but what you do want it to become.

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