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The world is beautiful. Take time to notice it.

Take a deep breath. Let it out. Then take another one.

Don’t forget to meditate every once in awhile. You may not like it, but it really does make you more creative and less stressed.

Don’t let the stress consume you.

Learn how to stop yourself from taking it out on your loved ones.

You’ve overcome doubts and learned how to enjoy learning again. Don’t lose sight of this, and remember to find the fun in what you pursue so passionately.

You’re meant to help the world and not waste all this education.

I know you think you can take on the world by yourself, but recognize when you need help and don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Cherish your failed attempts as much as your achievements. Learn, love, grow as a human being. You are far more than the number on top of an exam.

I’m not telling you that you should settle in life. However, I do implore you to stop every once in awhile and count your blessings.

Remember to look up at the clouds every once in awhile, and take time to just exist.

Simply BE.

I have no grounds for saying this, but you’ll be okay. You’ve made it through much worse. You have to convince yourself it’ll be true, and then it will be.

Remember to be proud of yourself, but not too proud.


Hopefully you start figuring out how to open up a little more.

Learn to be more comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty. I got started thinking I know who I am, but that could change 100 times in the rest of my life.

Being focused is much easier when you let yourself be unfocused.

Do something you are afraid to do because it will make you a better and braver person.

Go someplace new and meet new people. Learn how they think and learn how to appreciate their culture like they do.

It is also important for you to help people remember to do things that they love. Think back to the game we played when no one was really buying into it — until they saw other people getting into it.

Don’t focus too much of your time trying to follow one path. Try to get more hobbies that you enjoy.

If you can remember even one of these lessons, you’ll do fine.

Stay calm, future self. We got this.

Best of luck,

Your past self

Educator. Podcast addict. Wrote a book about creativity:

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