Depends on which metric you’re talking about.

I find that when you post an article on Facebook, it will almost always get fewer likes and comments than a photo or a status. This makes sense when you think about it, because you’re pointing people away from Facebook. It takes extra work to go back, find the tab with the original link, and then leave a comment or like.

But you can define engagement in other ways, and if you dig into Facebook’s dashboard they have other metrics that don’t show up in the public like or comment columns.

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Post clicks, in particular, is one measure of engagement that boosts a post’s visibility in a news field. We’d rather have someone read the article than just click “like” and move on.

And if you’re sending someone to another platform like Medium, I think you have to take a look at the metrics there. For that particular post, it received more views and reads than many if not most of our Medium posts.

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For more on comparing different metrics, check out Medium’s Metrics that Matters: Total Time Reading.

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