Email is underrated

The most powerful online platform may be the one you’ve been using since your dial-up days.

Social media gets a lot of the buzz and attention in the communication world. But in fact, email still drives the bulk of online traffic. Let me say that again:

Email still drives the bulk of online traffic.

The Atlantic calls this type of sharing “Dark Social,” but that’s just a fancy way of saying “email.”

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From Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong

I’ve seen similar results in my own work, and even a company as socially-driven as Buzzfeed has 14 email newsletters.

Social media can be successful for driving attention, awareness and even traffic.

But to be most effective, you should combine it with good, old-fashioned email to prime the pump. Use all the tools at your disposal with an integrated communication strategy.

In other words, you can engage your audience via email to increase social media reach. I’ve included a template below for your use.

Set the stage

Your mission: Why they should care
It all starts with your mission. What are you ultimately trying to do with your campaign? Hint: It’s not about getting more likes. It’s not about getting more followers. It’s about your mission and success metric.

Your audience: Why you’re reaching out to them
Why are they getting this email? Why are you counting on them? Make it personal and explain why they matter to this cause. Explain to them why you need audience advocates and why they fit in that category.

Your timing: Why now
You shouldn’t send out an email just because it’s a Monday (or a Tuesday or a Wednesday…) and it’s time to send out a weekly newsletter. What makes it timely now?

Calls to action

Ask them to share your social media posts
This is your call-to-action. Just as a social media has share buttons, ask your email audience to share your content on social media.

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from my social media analytics newsletter:

Ask them to recruit others
Finally, tell them how often you plan to send updates via email. If they have others that should be added to the list, encourage them to give you a referral and add new people to the advocate group. Thank them for their time and support. You want them to be with you for the long haul.

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