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10 more things about me

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at the start of my 12th marathon

Last year, I wrote that one thing I missed about blogging was getting to know strangers on the Internet almost like you went to college with them. Medium is great for sharing ideas, but sometimes you don’t always get to know the people behind the posts.

So I wrote a post with 10 tidbits about myself and tagged 10 people to do the same. It spread so far and wide that I’m doing it again with 10 new people and 10 new facts. I hope you’ll join me!

1 Our family has two rescue dogs. In fact, I am dictating the start of this post on my phone while walking them. Last year we adopted a second rescue beagle after my wife, daughter and son put on a full court press. Welcome to the family, Cleo.

2 I grew up in a basement. By that I mean my family literally lived in the basement. The upstairs of our house was never finished. I now use that fact against my kids whenever they want to buy something: “Do you know that I literally lived in a basement when I was your age?” They are sick of hearing it.

“Do you know that I literally lived in a basement when I was your age?”

3 My family also owned goats while I was growing up. Yes, goats. (One lived in our basement for a short time, but most lived in the barn.) Have you ever had unpasteurized and non-homogenized goat milk on your breakfast cereal? I have. It tastes a lot like cows milk, but when it is not homogenized you get globules of fat that plop onto your corn flakes. It’s a weird sensation to be chewing on breakfast cereal and bite into goat milk fat.

4 I wrote a book about creativity, and I decided I’m going to publish it in its entirety here on Medium. Follow the publication The Creative Journey to get all of the chapters in the future.

5 My first concert was U2 in Madison Wisconsin with my dad. My first concert without parental supervision was Metallica in Milwaukee. My friends and I crowded into a car so tightly — four in the backseat — that I volunteered to sleep in the trunk on the way back. I slept most of the 90-minute drive, with my friends periodically checking on me to make sure I was alive. Looking back, I can’t believe how moronic I was.

6 I am a runner and have finished 12 marathons. I consider it a spiritual experience — a connection to the universe.

7 Shortly before the last election, I sent a tweet that went viral. I got retweeted by Colin Hanks, James Corden, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and ashton kutcher called me a clever punk.

It was a surreal episode.

8 I could eat breakfast for three meals a day, 365 days a year. The one item I couldn’t live without (probably) is my breakfast sandwich maker.

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mmmm 🤤

9 I used to have shoulder-length long hair in high school and people thought I was a stoner, but I was the farthest thing from that. I kinda miss that hair.

10 I have never seen the movie Titanic in its entirety, but I know how it ends.

I’d love to hear 10 more things from 10 others. Are you with me? I’m tagging Steve Campbell, Frank McKinley, Charlotte Franklin, Brad Stulberg, Shaunta Grimes, Lisa Renee, M.G. Siegler, Jesse Wilson, Melody Wilding and Ambrose WB— share your stories!

Who are you? What are 10 things we should know about you? Respond with your own post, and tag 10 more people!

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Educator. Podcast addict. Wrote a book about creativity: http://bit.ly/thecreativejourney

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