Hi elizabeth tobey,

First, let me say how great it is to see how you and Your Friends @ Medium are building with the community and in public. Kudos for that!

I submitted the survey and have some ideas there, but wanted to add one more thing:

Is Medium considering outreach to teachers and educators? You’ve done some great outreach in politics and business, and it seems like education is another good fit.

There are already thriving education communities on Medium like Bright, the Synapse, etc, but I was curious if that’s something you’re exploring to specifically get Medium used as a learning tool for teachers and students. This article in particular made me think that this group could use some training and help.

I’ve used Medium for my classes in media writing and creativity, and have received a positive response from students. I think other educators can benefit as well if they know how to get started.

I was going to create a publication for educators myself about how they can use Medium for their needs, but then I saw that using the word “Medium” in a publication title is reserved for Medium staff. I think a publication like that would help and I could share it with my colleagues at Marquette University and beyond.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to seeing where this overall discussion leads!

Educator. Podcast addict. Wrote a book about creativity: http://bit.ly/thecreativejourney

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