How are you, social media manager?

The social media manager for McDonald's posted this tweet at 11:31 am on Friday.

Immediately, other social media managers from brands like Target replied to the tweet, which resulted in thousands of engagements and interactions — one of McDonald’s most popular and relatable tweets.

This particular tweet wasn’t scheduled through a social media management system. For planned and scheduled tweets, McDonald’s uses the social media management system Sprinklr.

Rather, this tweet — not McDonald’s pinned tweet — appeared (or was carefully planned to appear) to be a spontaneous posting after a long week by a social media manager scrolling through Twitter.

Social media management is a 24/7 job that can be exhausting. Social media managers don’t have all the answers but are expected to respond and be responsible for everything on behalf of their brand. They’re all doing the best they can at a time when everyone is on edge and ready to explode, especially on social media.

So if you’re interacting with a brand on social media, remember that there’s a real person behind the logo. Be patient, be kind and maybe even ask how they’re doing.

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