I can relate to this so, so much.

When I have too much time on my hands stuff like this happens.

Sometimes I feel bad when a side project I started didn’t take off or just petered out.

Other times, something I started on a whim lasts longer than I ever thought.

I think we usually see things in the digital world when they are at their launch or at their peak visibility, so we think every creative pursuit should look something like that.

We don’t always see when the people behind them move on to other projects. That doesn’t get much fanfare.

When you get that creative itch, I think it’s OK to scratch it and know it may turn out to be nothing, or it may turn out to be something really big. (Flat Francis, anyone??) You’ll just never know until you put it out into the world.

Oh, and I think you should start that podcast! It’s easy to host it on Soundcloud. And I could use the material for my own creative itches. :)

Educator. Podcast addict. Wrote a book about creativity: http://bit.ly/thecreativejourney

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