I think once you introduce metrics — especially public metrics — it’s almost impossible not to be influenced by them. Imagine if every conversation we had in real life we had to then choose to say we liked or didn’t like the conversation at the end. Crazy, right?

That’s why I continue to think Snapchat is on to something with their hidden metrics. If someone sends you a snap, you have to make the effort to actually respond, not just click a button. It’s a throwback to old school communication.

I recently had some focus groups on Snapchat, and I asked the question “to what extent are you your real self on Facebook and Snapchat?” The resounding response in both focus groups was they were about 10% authentic on Facebook and 80–90% authentic on Snapchat. There’s less pressure to publicly perform for likes, so you feel more “yourself.” I think others might follow Snapchat’s lead as we get more and more sick of proving ourselves through likes.

Educator. Podcast addict. Wrote a book about creativity: http://bit.ly/thecreativejourney

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