In case you wonder if white privilege is real

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TEXAS teen made headlines in 2013 when he miraculously escaped prison time after he got drunk, got behind the wheel of a car and ran down four people.

His lawyers broke new ground when they successfully argued the then-16-year-old was suffering from “affluenza” — a condition meaning he was so spoiled by his rich parents he couldn’t possibly be responsible for his own actions.

Couch was spared prison in favor of a 10-year probation period…

Couch and seven of his friends climbed into his truck and began speeding down a road near Fort Worth in his home state of Texas.

He was doing 50km/h over the speed limit and had a blood alcohol reading three times the legal limit when he ran down four pedestrians. The four, who had stopped by the side of the road after a vehicle broke down, were killed on impact.

Couch’s truck flipped and hit a tree before coming to a stop. None of his seven passengers were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash and all but one escaped serious injury. One of his passengers, Sergio Molina, now communicates by blinking his eyes…

A judge agreed that Couch’s upbringing led to his poor decision making and sentenced him to 10 years probation. Fred Couch said he would pay for rehabilitation at a California clinic costing upwards of $450,000 a year.


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