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Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear you’re working with educators and hope to expand.

Currently, I can’t create a publication called “Medium for Education.”

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But if I could or someone at Medium started a publication, the articles would I envision would look something like this:


Medium isn’t just about writing. It’s optimized for sharing ideas, as Ev Williams has said. Right now there are so many tools in #EdTech that have bells, whistles and fancy features — which often confuse and distract from the true goal of finding, sharing, exploring and critiquing ideas. I think the first goal of a Medium for Education publication is to show why Medium’s fast onboarding and thoughtful community is such a natural fit for education. It works well with writers and non-writers alike to get back to the core of learning.


I have used Medium for students who major in arts, sciences, business, pre-med, etc. It’s not just for those who consider themselves writers. Some of the highest praise for Medium I’ve heard from a student came from a nursing major. So I think it’s key to write case studies of students and teachers who have used Medium for their own needs, to show how it’s applicable in all fields.


Then we start getting down to the nitty-gritty. A Medium for education publication can have examples of syllabi, projects, how-to training sessions, writing prompts, and other successful examples from educators who have used Medium.


Finally, I would envision this publication as a conversation with multiple voices as Medium gets adopted into more classrooms. The publication would add writers and editors who share what they learn, much like how education publications such as The Synapse has grown.

Hope that helps!

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