My 2016 home screen

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I updated my home screen for the new year. Some apps got promoted; some got the boot.

In case of emergency, and to let Jess Cigelske know when I’m on my way home.

Because I still have a ton of Medium articles from 2015 to read (and 2014, and 2013…).

Tryna get to my 10K steps.

You can’t be cool unless you put Slack on your home screen.


To keep up with my 100 podcasts project

Still trying to get into it.

I’m not saying but I’m just saying I may have a New Year’s resolution to read more books.

See above re: finances

I’m working on an article for about how journalists use live-streaming, and especially how you can track success. Want to talk to me? Drop me a message.

I’m working on my spring syllabus for my Marquette University media writing class.

The new automated smart replies for quick messages are ON POINT.

Facebook and Twitter. I’m trying to resist temptation and use Calm, Medium or Pocket instead.

How about you? What’s on your home screen?

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