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Rock faces

Jethro Tull
We set up a band in the living room, and Xavier insisted I play the flute (though I decided to pose like a guitar God for this photo). Since I had to be a rock flute player, I played THE rock band with a flute.

First Aid Kit
I am firmly in the fan club for this Swedish folk sister duo. As teenagers they were inspired by Bright Eyes, and as a result it’s remarkable how much they sound like they grew up in Nebraska (they like to mess with people and say they’re from Omaha). On their album they collaborate with the likes of Peter Buck from REM and Glenn Kotche from Wilco. I recommend My Silver Lining and their guest DJ set on All Songs Considered, which is where I discovered them.

Black Panther soundtrack
Kendrick Lamar is back! Which means I will spend the next year on Genius trying to figure out what his lyrics mean. I still listen to HUMBLE when I need a pick-me-up.

All-American Rejects
No special reason, except that I heard Dirty Little Secret on Sirius XM Lithium and now I want to rock out to some pop punk, maybe grow my hair out again. My heart is crushed by a former love.

Dave Holland
When I asked Dr. Xavier Cole what jazz to add to my playlist, this was on the top of his recommendations. I’m a fan of classic jazz and don’t know anything about contemporary jazz, and this was an amazing place to start. I’m playing Prism on repeat, which fuses rock (maybe even a little metal??) with funky jazz. Listen to it in the morning for an extra kick.

What are you listening to? Let me know!

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