My viral clickbait moment

Rick Rolling for good

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Pssst the link takes you to register to vote at
One of my students forwarded me this tweet ^^

The payoff: People are registering to vote. That’s what matters.

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Actual registration!
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Since I wrote this, I’ve been retweeted by Alexis Ohanian and ashton kutcher so the metrics have gone up juuuust a little bit. Now up to 450,000 clicks and climbing rapidly.



I got retweeted by Colin Hanks and James Corden to 10.5 million followers and honestly at this point i’m not sure how many more notifications my iphone can take but we’re at 1.4 MILLION CLICKS


7 million impressions and 2.3 million clicks later… I think this will be my final update. The meme lifecycle — yes this now has its own page — has run its course and it’s over except the media round-up, my hometown paper localizing the story, ELLE Magazine (US) trying to do the same thing (and getting major backlash), The Daily Show doing a REVERSE RICK ROLL (brilliant) and the think pieces from The Atlantic and Washington Post (are memes good or bad for democracy?? Can you care about entertainment news and voting at the same time?? Is this attention policing? DISCUSS!).

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