Monitoring what people are saying about you in social media can be messy.

Seeing people commenting on your Facebook page or @ mentioning you on Twitter is the easy part. That’s like having a face-to-face conversation.

But how can you keep up with what people are saying behind your back?

Of course, you can search every individual platform to uncover conversations about you. You can even save up to 25 searches on Twitter, set up dedicated columns on Tweetdeck or get Google Alerts for blog mentions.

After awhile, though, it gets hard to keep track of everything in so may different places.

Or you could do what I do and save it all in one place with a “social listening” tool like Mention.

Here’s how it works. You enter keyword(s) you’d like to track from social media and around the web. Maybe it’s the name of your company. Maybe it’s a topic related to your industry.

For me it’s the words “beer + running” together, because I write a blog about those two topics for DRAFT Magazine.

Then Mention scours for real time mentions, and alerts you in a dashboard on their website, desktop app, iPad and iPhone app, or in an email digest.

From there you can retweet, reply, follow, favorite, share, categorize the sentiment as positive, negative or neutral — and more.

It helps me find and retweet stuff like this.

Here’s what my dashboard looks like:

With their business plan you can also see statistics on how often certain words or phrase are being used and measure and analyze overall sentiment.

The basic version is free and you can try it out HERE.

And if you have a Mention alert for “social media analytics,” you could even find my book.

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