Prologue: The Hero of a Thousand Journeys

The hero lives in an ordinary world.

It’s predictable. It’s black and white. It follows rules laid out by others long before.

If anything changes day to day, it’s because it’s already been planned. There’s a well-defined path, and everyone follows that path. They’re comfortable in their roles.

The hero doesn’t think themselves a hero.

One day, there is a crack of an opening in the ordinary world. It lets in a strange, otherworldly light. The hero believes their mind must be playing tricks. Surely, no one else sees this. The hero ignores it and continues along the familiar routine, the safe routine.

The hero feels tremors and shakes and flashes of light as they go about their daily tasks and try to shut out what’s going on. But it’s becoming increasingly hard to avoid. The hero feels a calling to pay attention.

Finally one day, a door bursts open a rips a hole through the ordinary world. Strange characters and objects lurk beyond and start coming out.

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The hero turns to look. It’s a world full of chaos and energy, light and heat, danger and wonder. It’s threatening to flood over everything the hero knows.

Taking in the whole scene, the hero stands with feet planted on the ground in the ordinary world. The hero stares ahead.

Is it time to flee and retreat?

Take a step forward?

What now?

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