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Confession: I love surveys.

Maybe that seems like a weird thing to admit as a confession. But I think surveys are like having a superpower to read minds.

There are not many other instances where people will tell you so directly about what they’re thinking. Usually people are too polite, too guarded or just don’t have the opportunity to tell you what they really think of you or your work.

In the age of big data and analytics, surveys are still one of the best tools to gather and analyze both qualitative and quantitive feedback. I’ve used surveys with students, colleagues, conference attendees and Twitter followers.

Recently, I surveyed readers of about what they want to learn about metrics. You can see the results here.

Do you have topics about metrics you want me to cover? Hit reply to this email and tell me! After all, I can’t read minds.


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In other news…

I have a social media analytics workshop coming up in just over three weeks. Sign up!

The next article I’m working on is about the metrics of email newsletters. Have some stats or stories to share? Hit me up!

One last survey: Who would win in a battle between a monster truck and a T-Rex? Take my Twitter poll!

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