The Axe Files with Mitt Romney

In David Axelrod’s new podcast, he sits down with Mitt Romney to talk about Romney’s childhood, the 2012 election and the current state of politics.

A few things I really like about this.

  1. David Axelrod has a podcast!!
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2. These two were enemies competing tooth and nail for the highest office in this country just three years ago. Now, it sounds like they’re friends.

There’s a cool moment where Axelrod talks about how George Romney, Mitt’s dad, was one of his heroes growing up.

I know Romney’s a moderate and not everyone in his party likes him, but connections like this give you some hope for bipartisanship.

3) Toward the end Axelrod starts asking Romney increasingly leading questions and tries to goad him into political volleys. Romney responds with perfectly timed and impressive responses, much like he did at the first 2012 presidential debate.

Axelrod’s “I’m-not-even-mad-that’s-amazing” response is perfect:

“Still got the old chops.”

You can listen to the episode here.

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