The cheese just slaps different here

A New Yorker reminds what I love about Milwaukee

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I’ve been running along Milwaukee’s lakefront for nearly two decades. 20 years! I can’t even believe that.

During that time I often see bridal parties take photos in front of the art museum. It’s probably the most popular spot in Milwaukee for wedding pictures. But it’s usually in the summer.

This was different. It was a cold March day. And this party was standing patiently in 20-something degrees waiting for a photographer to set up a tripod.

That takes a pretty committed group.

So while passing by on my run, I impulsively ran up to this group and asked if I could take a photo. You can see the results above. They got into it pretty quickly. The whole memorable experience took less than 10 seconds.

They looked familiar, and it turns out that we had Marquette University and November Project connections in common. The picture I posted was quickly identified, and the bride herself asked if she could snag my photo for her album.

I did some creeping on the couple’s Knot website, and it turns out that the site of that photo was where they met at November Project workouts. So cute, right?

This episode illustrates some things I love about Milwaukee. It’s a city with small-town connections. You can find us having fun outside even on a day when it seems like winter will never end. People are quick to welcome strangers into their big day with zero warning.

This relates to the headline. My favorite video in ages is of this guy from New York (Big Ev aka the Double Vodka Don) who visits Milwaukee for the first time. Initially, he has to process that Milwaukee is a real place. It’s not just a place on the map.

Then he quickly falls in love with the city: “I love everything about Milwaukee!” The people are incredibly friendly and welcoming. The burgers are delicious (shout out to Sobelman’s). And the “cheese just slaps different here.”

“That’s just a fact!” says Big Ev aka the Double Vodka Don. “The Wisconsin cheese thing is legit.”

I don’t even know what the cheese slaps different means but I’m not one to argue with Big Ev aka Double Vodka Don.

Milwaukee: Cold days in March, cool bridal parties, friendliness to strangers and cheese that slaps.

To quote Big Ev aka Double Vodka Don, good shit, Milwaukee. Good shit.

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