This post might be a failure

I listened to the new episode of StartUp this morning, and it’s my favorite episode of the 2-season series so far.

In “Til Debt Do Us Part,” the Dating Ring founders featured in this season talk openly and honestly — and even cry — about their fear of failure in an entrepreneur therapy session.

They’ve been so public about their business ambitions, they say, and if it doesn’t work out everyone will know they are a failure.

You don’t need to be a start-up founder to have that feeling. I feel that every time I hit publish. Maybe you do too.

I think that uncomfortable reality lurks in EVERY new venture, whether it’s an entire business or a single project.

We hear about fear holding you back, and that’s true. But I think it can also be motivating. No one WANTS to fail.

So like the founders do in this week’s StartUp episode, acknowledge that failure is a real possibility, get it out in the open and then fight to get past it. That’s no guarantee of success, but it’s the first step.

I almost didn’t write this blog post. I thought, there’s already enough out there about failure. Maybe too much. The world does not need another blog post about failure.

But I do. Maybe you do too.

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