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WATCH Bill Maher Destroy Trump Defender Jeffrey Lord: ‘Don’t Bullsh*t Me!’

AMAZING: Watch Maxine Waters DESTROY Trump On Live TV!

Watch this Spanish lawmaker utterly destroy her awful colleague when he tries to bash women

Watch this pro-life teen destroy Teen Vogue over their post-abortion ‘gift guide’

Watch Stephen Colbert and Joe Scarborough Destroy Kellyanne Conway

Watch 2 magicians destroy the anti-vaccine movement in 90 seconds

WatchDestroy Fascist Trump!” Antifa EXPLODES On Tucker Carlson!”

Watch @weatherkait destroy #climate-change deniers who use her video to mislead.

Watch this Silicon Valley Star, the Late Roger Ebert, and more Destroy Rob Schneider After John Lewis Tweet

Watch @JordanChariton outclass, outperform, & DESTROY this “reporter” in a debate about #NoDAPL

@Reince destroyed Chris Wallace yesterday. It’s fun to watch the Trump admin destroy the media.

Watch @nikkihaley destroy the #UN!

Watch @OMAROSA destroy the #liberal agenda all day

Wow! Watch Hannity completely DESTROY the #fakenews media! “No wonder why the President calls them fake news”

WATCH President Donald Trump Savagely Destroy The Illuminati

We love to watch as we destroy ourselves.

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