Waterfall notifications

I read Steven Levy a lot. My Total Time Reading (TTR) his work is probably one of the highest of any writer on Medium.

Imagine that based on my reading preferences, I get an Apple Watch notification when he publishes his article asking if I want to add it to my Medium bookmarks.

Then when I’m on my phone, I get a notification asking if now’s a good time to read the article from my bookmarks.

This phone notification is based on an algorithm that determines the peak time when I’m just flipping through apps without purpose. But just then I get a phone call — the original push notification — so I snooze the Medium notification to return in one hour.

Later that night, the notification returns when I’m on my iPad. Now I’m ready to read it while reclining on my couch. I finish the article, and satisfied with its conclusion I hit “Recommend” at the bottom. I go to bed.

The next morning I’m on my laptop checking emails, when I get another notification from Medium asking if I’d like to write a response to that Steven Levy article I recommended the night before.

By this time, I’ve had some time to ponder Levy’s conclusions, and I have some of my own thoughts to add. There’s no time like the present while I’m on my laptop to jot down a quick response — just like this one.

And that’s when Steven Levy gets an Apple Watch notification that I wrote a response.

With any luck, he’ll save it to his bookmarks to read later.

Educator. Podcast addict. Wrote a book about creativity: http://bit.ly/thecreativejourney

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