I remember when Medium was new and its in-house publication Matter was publishing ambitious long-form pieces, like The Boy Whose Brain Could Unlock Autism.

According to one list, Matter is still the only Medium publication with more than 1 million followers today. But in early 2016, Matter spun off from Medium and formed Matter Studios. Mark Lotto described their new, eclectic collection:

For starters: It’s not a website. It’s not a website. Matter won’t even be a publication, not anymore, or a publisher, not precisely. We’ve been describing it as sort of a studio and sort of an incubator.

So what’s going on with Matter Studios? I can’t find much. It looks like they haven’t published anything since December on Medium or Twitter. Here’s their last tweet:

Maybe they are in a quiet phase before unveiling their next ambitious step. According to Matter’s tagline, they make stuff. So what are they making?

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