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I ask students these questions on the first day of classes, and I find it really helps us get to know each other right away. The answer below from one of my students demonstrates why this small touch can help in the classroom:

What do you wish I would ask you so that I can be a good teacher for you?
You could ask me about my career interests and other irrelevant interests because I really like to find connections with people. It makes me feel like I know them better, and I feel like I learn better from people that I know and that know me. Some professors disconnect themselves from their students as much as possible, and I totally understand and respect that. However, for me, learning from a stranger isn’t as effective!

For your first reflection assignment, answer the following questions from and inspired by Edutopia.org. Copy and paste all the questions, click respond at the end of this post, write your answers and click publish when you’re finished.

What’s your name, major and hometown?

What would be the most useful thing for me to know about you as a student?

What do you wish was different about school?

Describe a moment in school last year when you felt really engaged. Why do you think that moment was such a positive one for you?

What do you think teachers think about you, and what do you wish they’d think about you?

Tell me about a teacher who you feel knew you well. What kind of student were you in his or her class? What did he or she do to get to know you?

If you could build a school, what would it look like?

What do you wish I would ask you so that I can be a good teacher for you?

What makes a weekend day great for you?

What’s the best thing you’ve experienced on campus so far?

What is your favorite song right now and why?

Finally, include a photo of yourself in your Medium post so I can start putting faces to names.

Anything else to add?

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