Why are men so emotional?

The Madness of men’s mood swings

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what is this guy even doing. photo by Alex Iby.

If you’ve been around a man, you get it.

It’s that time of the month — the middle of March.

Of course, it’s not just this month. It seems to happen with regularity every Saturday and Sunday during the fall and winter. Sometimes Thursday nights. Or evenings in October.

The mood swings can feel like whiplash. It’s like one moment they’re cheering and euphoric, and the next moment they’re sullen, forlorn, insecure or angry.

The grumpiness can last for days. They lash out. Some might say men even act unhinged or hormonal — all that testosterone.

It’s like everything is fine, and then men just fly off the handle for seemingly small, inconsequential things — like not being able to properly throw a spherical orange object into a cylinder.

They start fights when people close to them don’t do what they want — like they’re a mind reader!

They call for people to be fired from their jobs. They are not pleased.

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They will take to social media and tell you how they feel. They are very upset. Twitter must know about this!

Ladies, you need to cut men some slack here. We can’t actually help that we’re so emotional. Holding back our emotions can often lead to an even bigger freak-out when we finally let it all out. There are reasons behind our emotions. We have no control over how we react to certain triggers.

Maybe you’ve witnessed one of these emotional outbursts. You’ve been asking yourself lately, “Why are men so emotional?”

Men can be emotionally fragile when they’re in these moods. Proceed with caution. Telling them to calm down might set them off all over again.

Maybe you think it’s unfair that women get called emotional or moody, when men are passionate about their favorite sports team.

Or that women have guilty pleasures for certain genres of books and TV shows, while men enjoy the national pastime while playing hooky from work on opening day.

Or that the chills of the “One Shining Moment” montage is beyond the schmaltz of anything aired on the Lifetime network.

And you would be right. It’s a double standard.

Men, it’s time we own it. We’re irrational, emotional and moody. Trying to deflect the blame by saying women are the ones who are too emotional is just plain Madness.

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