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The parallels between Jessica Jones and Frozen

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I didn’t realize how much Jessica Jones is like Frozen until watching the final scene of the new Netflix series.

Without giving it away, the sisters on Jessica Jones save each other much like Elsa and Anna rescue each other in Frozen.

Then I started thinking of all the other ways the two are alike. Here is an impartial list that I came up with:

Death of parents is a catalyzing event

Doors used as symbolism to shut out others, physically and emotionally

Society is afraid of the hero’s powers

The hero tries to isolate herself and conceal her powers

The hero tries to maintain a cold and unemotional front

The charming boyfriend turns out to be evil

The bad guy uses his persuasive powers to gain control

Good-looking guys are sidekicks

An act of true love helps the sisters save themselves

They’re both something I want my daughter to watch

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