You saw what I did there.

The word “awareness” gets overused but I think it matters a lot for this issue, because everyone eats. There is more crap than ever before in foods but better food is more accessible, which is a result of awareness and demand.

My parents had to organize with other families to get monthly shipments of organic foods, which we manually separated in a rented warehouse. I remember seeing the first shelves of natural foods in regular grocery stores, and I couldn’t believe it! Then in college I saw Natural Ovens appear in the documentary Super Size Me — Paul Stitt spoke before the showing in Milwaukee — and I was amazed. It seemed like a turning point. In some ways it has gotten better.

Today health food is a whole industry. Paul Stitt might even be running a division inside today’s food corporations. There are a lot of hucksters and fake food masquerading as healthy, but there is also legitimately more good options too.

I think it does go back to capitalism, at least in our system. We can vote with our pocketbooks, and let others know why we eat the way we do.

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