You snooze you lose

Facebook’s new features misses the point

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I’ve never felt better after hitting the snooze button in the morning.

After I do it, I’m still groggy I’m still tired and I’m now more annoyed that I had to wake up multiple times. I didn’t gain any more quality sleep, just some restless time in bed.

I usually feel worse because now I have less time and I’m more hurried trying to get ready and get out the door in the morning.

The snooze button is a poor Band-Aid covering up what’s really festering underneath: The fact that I probably stayed up too late on my phone the night before.

This isn’t news to anyone who’s ever hit snooze button, of course. But I bring it up now because Facebook has introduced a snooze button for the newsfeed.

The company wrote in a new post today:

“One of our core News Feed values is giving people more control. Over the next week, we’re launching Snooze, which will give you the option to temporarily unfollow a person, Page or group for 30 days. By selecting Snooze in the top-right drop-down menu of a post, you won’t see content from those people, Pages or groups in your News Feed for that time period.”

The Facebook snooze sounds like a good idea in theory. You can avoid some friends for the time being if you don’t like their political posts or vacation photos or whatever annoys you. You can take a break without completely breaking it off.

I remember after the 2016 election seeing news feeds filled with anger and arguing and people declaring they were taking a break from social media. Now a year later, Facebook is making it a little easier to selectively do that, while attempting to keep people on their platforms.

It’s a form of digital detox, without actually giving up the digital.

But is it actually going to get better in 30 days? Or is your real underlying issue with your friends or your FOMO or the trending topics on Facebook that reflect the state of affairs in the country?

Facebook illustrates their new feature with a jaunty video about an uncle who posts too much about his cat.

If that was the real problem, then the snooze button might actually work. Maybe eventually your uncle would get sick of the cat photos, and in a 30-day time period he would go back to non-cat photos that presumably don’t annoy you.

But does this sound like anyone’s uncle?

Don’t blame it on the cat. We all know the problem isn’t your uncle’s cat.

We are exhausted, collectively, as a country.

And when you’re exhausted, you need more than a snooze.

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